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68 Basecamp - Our Mountain Professionals


Alex Harz

Creator / Host / Camera Operator

Training - Lower Icefall - Ryan 3.JPG

Ryan Waters

Everest Expedition Leader / Camera Operator

Basecamp 1 - Tashi 2.JPG

Riten Jangbu Sherpa

Everest Expedition Sirdar / Camera Operator

Basecamp 3 - Tshering 1.JPG

Tshering Sherpa

Everest Expedition Logistics Manager

Alex & Tate at TEC Table_edited.jpg

Tate Zandstra

Story Development / Producer / Editor

82 Basecamp - Our Puja - Sam.JPG

Sam Emerson

2D Director of Photography / Assistant Director

Day 5 - Dingboche - Moonlight Lodge - Al

Alex Schauer

Camera Operator / Media Support

Ian Forester

VR Editor / VFX

DJ Turner - VR Playhouse.jpg

Derin Turner

VR Post Producer

Prosper XR - Jessie Kim Headshot.jpg

Jessie Kim

VR App Product Manager

Prosper XR - Tim Lambert Headshot.jpg

Tim Lambert

VR App Lead Software Engineer

Ang Tshering Lama.jpg

Ang Tshering Lama

Drone Operator / Localized Support

Manish Maharjan.jpg

Manish Maharjan

Drone & Camera Operator


Kumar Rupakheti

Historian / Localized Support

Nick Orris.jpg

Nick Orris

Lead 2D Editor

Greg Bartlett.png

Greg Bartlett

Assistant 2D Editor

Cody Troyer.png

Cody Troyer

Audio Design & Sound Mixer

THE QUEST: Everest TM services include Television show production; Video editing; satellite, film, audio, video, internet, and 3-D virtual reality media; Direction of making radio or television programs; Distribution of television programming to cable television systems; Film and video production; Production and distribution of television shows and movies; Production of television programs; Production of cable television programs.

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